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Water Conservation Kit

I-AMCWTRKIT-01-XXXX-XXXX-V1 5.0 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: Yes
  • On Sale: false
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  • Brand: Niagara
  • Water Sense: Yes
Model: H20KIT_DEL2
START CONSERVING WATER THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME. The Deluxe Water Saving Kit is the perfect bundle to start conserving water throughout your home. Upgrade your bathroom sink, showerhead and kitchen sink. The kit comes with the following products: **In the box** * 2 Niagara Chrome Sava Spa Showerheads * 1 Niagara Kitchen Swivel Aerator * 1 Niagara Bubble Spray Faucet Aerator * 1 Niagara Pipe Thread Tape