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ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat with Whole Home Sensors

I-ECO3SENSR-01-BLCK-INGM-V2 5.0 star rated
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  • Energy Star: Yes
  • Water Sense: No
  • Media Feature: XZPjA9QGHk8&list=PLNUBuVEYfNNIACs554N6nsuBWCA5FyZ19&index=2
  • Media Feature Markdown: ### Before You Buy: Check if Your Equipment is Compatible Most customers are able to install the ecobee3 lite in 30 minutes or less. Installation is made easy by ecobee's [**step-by-step guide**]({openNewTab}) that can be viewed from your phone. [**Check compatibility with your HVAC system**]({openNewTab}) before purchasing. **This thermostat is not compatible with electric baseboard heating systems.** **What's a C-Wire?** A C-wire (common wire) is a low voltage power wire that many modern thermostats require for their features to work. **This ecobee3 lite requires a C-wire or installation of the power extender kit (included) to work.** Many older homes don’t have a C-wire because mercury and battery-powered thermostats didn’t require one. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you have a C-wire and that your HVAC system is compatible with ecobee's thermostat. To determine if you have a C-wire, please consult ecobee’s [**compatibility checker**]({openNewTab}). You can also hire an HVAC contractor to help you install the c-wire and the thermostat.
  • Media Feature Disclaimer (JSON): { "icon": "install", "title": "Get Up and Running: How to Install", "description": "For more help installing:\n\n\nCall ecobee Customer Support at\n1-877-932-6233" }
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  • PDP Info Banner: Thermostat installation exclusive offer! $99 for SMUD customers ($69 for EAPR participants). Visit []({openNewTab}) to learn more and schedule your installation.
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Thermostats-specific Attributes

  • Features: Alerts and reminders Connects to Wi-Fi Color display Comes with sensors Location-based triggers Provides energy usage report Flexible scheduling Vacation mode

Thermostat Features

  • Brand: ecobee
  • Features: Alerts and reminders Connects to Wi-Fi Color display Comes with sensors Location-based triggers Provides energy usage report Flexible scheduling Vacation mode
Model: EB-STATE3LTVP2-01
Starting your smart home just got easier. Save up to $50¹ annually on heating and cooling costs with ecobee3 lite smart thermostat and place your SmartSensors anywhere to extend comfort throughout your home. This winning combination of savings and comfort works in harmony with leading smart home ecosystems including Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. * Save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs * Control from anywhere using your iOS or Android device * Monitor activity detected while you're out with SmartSensor for doors and windows (ecobee Smart Security subscription required)   ### In the box * 1 ecobee3 lite thermostat * 1 SmartSensor for rooms * 1 SmartSensor for doors and windows * 1 ecobee3 lite backplate * Installation guide * Wire labels * Drywall plugs * Screws * Power Extender Kit (PEK) * Large trim plate   ### ecobee3 lite ecobee3 lite delivers elevated comfort and impactful energy savings that you can control from anywhere through seamless integration with iOS and Android devices, as well as your preferred smart home system. With eco+ included, ecobee3 lite learns and recommends changes to your schedule to provide personalized comfort and automation.   ### SmartSensor for Rooms ecobee's SmartSensor detects temperature and motion to provide you with a full view of your home. Place sensors in important rooms for smart comfort and advanced occupancy detection. Designed to work with ecobee thermostats and cameras for whole home comfort and peace of mind.   ### SmartSensor for Doors and Windows ecobee's contact sensors detect when your doors or windows are open or closed to add more security to your home. Use it with your ecobee smart thermostat to automatically pause heating and cooling anytime your windows or doors are left open.² Sign up for ecobee Smart Security to receive notifications if entries, exits and motion is detected while you’re out. *ecobee Smart Security subscription required.   ### ecobee Smart Security ecobee Smart Security uses advanced sensor technology to alert you of possible break-ins or fire. This home monitoring service works with your ecobee devices to connect your entire home for comfort and peace of mind. A free 2-month trial will enhance your ecobee bundle and transform your home so you can monitor, detect and act on unexpected activity. * Automatic arm and disarm reminders * Smart Motion and Entry Alerts monitor unexpected activity * Smoke alarm detection * Who's Home - when this feature is enabled, ecobee recognizes your family's phones, so you can check in at any time to see who's home. * 30-day video history * Automatically pause heating or cooling when an open door or window is detected (requires an ecobee smart thermostat and SmartSensor for doors and windows). Sign up for a two-month free trial of ecobee Smart Security here: []({openNewTab})